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We have many different types of collectible items for sale.  Later there will be more links to specific types of items, but for now I will list only a few of the ones that we have.  If you would like to know some of the other types of items we have, email me by clicking in the email address at the bottom of this page or any other page.  Some of these items are also available at the same shop as our furniture.  Shipping and insurance costs will be added to all items.


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Check out our miniature tea sets on the Tea Sets page.

    Click on thumbnails to see larger picture.

ash4.jpg (178807 bytes)    Gilded Lead (?) Sugar Maple Leaf Ashtray or Trinket dish    $10.00

ash5.jpg (72485 bytes)    Markings

ash6.jpg (17662 bytes)    Marking

paper1.jpg (128469 bytes)    Made in India 2 1/2" glass paperweight    $10.00

pot1.jpg (69419 bytes)    Brown Made in England Teapot    $15.00

pot3.jpg (90351 bytes)    Made in England Teapot     $5.00

wf1.jpg (103057 bytes)    Wichita Falls Baptist Church 90th Anniversary Plate    $10.00

wf2.jpg (75237 bytes)    Information on Back




Texas residents must add 8.25% sales tax.

Records    Books and Magazines

    For information about these items, please email me.  We have a large collection of LPs (mostly 70s rock), books (not rare), and magazines.

For additional information or to order an item mailto:antiques@antiquesnthings.net