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   I have lots of highway maps available from various states and published for various companies - mostly gas station companies.  I also have lots of old postcards, calendars and matchbooks and various automotive items.  The postcards date from the early 1900s to the mid 1900s.  The calendars date back to the 1950s in some cases.  I will be putting pictures and prices of as many as I can over the next weeks.  For now, write and see what I have and check on price.  I am updating this page as often as I can.

Click on the link below to go to the page of paper collectibles you are interested in.

Maps    Arcade Cards    Airline & Railroad Memorabilia    Automobilia

State Brochures

map805.jpg (49616 bytes)    map806.jpg (46722 bytes) 1960s Brochure of Alabama's Capitol Building

Elvis Presley 1978 Collector Cards

ep1.jpg (120485 bytes)    ep2.jpg (151076 bytes)    ep3.jpg (119323 bytes)    ep4.jpg (133413 bytes)

ep5.jpg (121177 bytes)    ep6.jpg (148899 bytes)    ep7.jpg (118051 bytes)    ep8.jpg (149164 bytes)

ep9.jpg (61224 bytes)    ep10.jpg (69925 bytes)     Write for prices


mag1.jpg (80715 bytes)    mag2.jpg (115744 bytes)     Write for price


ad1.jpg (68151 bytes)    Advertisement for buttons from 1948 Good Housekeeping Magazine

Match Books

match3.jpg (48868 bytes)    match4.jpg (32593 bytes)    American Revolution Matchbooks from 1976

match5.jpg (40403 bytes)    match5a.jpg (39144 bytes)    Old Automobile Matchbook Series

match6.jpg (51708 bytes)    match7.jpg (47524 bytes)    American Historical Sites Matchbook Series

Calendars & Related Items

gib1.jpg (38665 bytes)    gib2.jpg (30267 bytes)     gib3.jpg (71059 bytes)    gib4.jpg (65497 bytes)     gib5.jpg (72634 bytes)   

gib6.jpg (18118 bytes)    gib7.jpg (5801 bytes)    gib8.jpg (4661 bytes)    Gibson Floral Company History Book