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   On this page I have several different types of items from movies, mostly old print set plates for newspaper advertisements for some movies from the 1940s and 1950s.  All are in excellent condition and most are mounted on wood blocks.  Arcade cards are on a separate page with a link below.

Arcade Cards

Click on thumbnail for larger image.

bc1.jpg (99653 bytes)    bc2.jpg (112339 bytes)    bc2a.jpg (133025 bytes)    Buster Crabbe Western Movie     $9.99

gc1.jpg (109531 bytes)    gc2.jpg (92493 bytes)    gc2a.jpg (92276 bytes)    Gambler's Choice Crime Drama     $9.99

jmb1.jpg (130082 bytes)    jmb2.jpg (129565 bytes)     jmb3.jpg (129622 bytes)    Johnny Mack Brown Western Movie    $9.99

jmb4.jpg (79669 bytes)    jmb5.jpg (121881 bytes)     jmb5a.jpg (121674 bytes)    Johnny Mack Brown Western Movie    $9.99